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Sondra Celli Swarovski Crystal NecklaceGot BLING?  Enter to win a sparkling Swarovski crystal necklace like the ones I design for gypsy brides on TLC’s My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.


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  1. Posted by Kayleigh Eaton, at Reply

    Your dresses and designs are a work of art! Seeing the dresses and accessories inspire me to think about my wedding dress for when it is my day to get married.

  2. Posted by Christina Willison, at Reply

    This is so gorgeous I would just love to have it Sondra you are a fantastic designer

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Thank you! :)

  3. Posted by Sheila Brumley, at Reply

    I love your dresses, they are beautiful!

  4. Posted by Lauren hill, at Reply

    I love all your creations. My husband and I are going to be renewing our vows in 4 years hopefully for our 10 year anniversary at Walt Disney world Florida and we are doing a beauty and the beast theme. I will be in touch soon to discuss getting the classic ball gown which Belle wears in the movie for myself. I can’t wait!

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      I’ll wait to hear from you in 4 years! :)

  5. Posted by delrishab, at Reply

    Love your designs!!

  6. Posted by Marilyn Myre Moreno, at Reply

    You don’t have to be a gypsy to love Sondra Celli BLING! I am amazed by every dress.

  7. Posted by melissa harris, at Reply

    love your work! your creations are beautiful!!!

  8. Posted by rayanna, at Reply

    I love your dresses and I want on so bad but I am only 13 and my mom will not let me get married right now .

  9. Posted by Jennifer Ratcliff, at Reply

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!

  10. Posted by esme Pineda, at Reply

    OMG!! It’s so pretty & so much bling !!!!

  11. Posted by esme Pineda, at Reply

    Gorgeous!! (:

  12. Posted by rosemary Rodriguez, at Reply

    I ♥luv ♥ ur work. U have a the best dresses I’ve ever seen

  13. Posted by Johnna Toran, at Reply

    I look forward to seeing what you do next. You are so creative

  14. Posted by Monica, at Reply

    Every woman needs some Celli BLING! Bling it on!!!

  15. Posted by Kasey Marie, at Reply

    What a beautiful necklace. I would love the wear this at my wedding one day.

  16. Posted by Nadine Plante, at Reply

    I absolutely love love. Your dresses!!!! How much does one of your dresses typically cost??

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Nadine, my prices vary based on design, materials used, and amount of bling. Check out my website for more info:

  17. Posted by Hollie Davidson, at Reply

    I would love to have a Sondea Celli piece she is the ultimate bling artist

  18. Posted by Stephanie Torres, at Reply

    I tune into TLC My Big Fat American Gypsy Weeding just to see you design dresses and what new and creative ideas you come up with for the brides to be. I recently got married but did not have a reception we got married in city hall due to finances and not having the means to have a weeding. But If I had the means to you would be my dream dress designer. Love all the work you do Sondra Celli you are truly gifted and amazing at your craft.

  19. Posted by Gabriela Cartagena Torres, at Reply

    Im in love with your dresses, i would love to make my prom dress with you, but i have to convince my mom first. please keep inspiring us with your styel.

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Thanks, Gabriela!

  20. Posted by Karen Roblee, at Reply

    Love you and your beautiful designs!!

  21. Posted by Lisa, at Reply

    Love bling!!

  22. Posted by Michelle Parks, at Reply

    Love everything that you do!! You are amazing

  23. Posted by Maria Elena, at Reply

    I love this necklace!! ♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

  24. Posted by Noreen zurek, at Reply

    This Pipeline Gypsy would love to shoe this off as I travel all over! Sondra Celli you Rock!

  25. Posted by Jessica, at Reply

    I love this necklace and I love all of your magical creations <3

  26. Posted by brenda harris, at Reply

    would love this i don’t have anything near this and nothing designer

  27. Posted by Tina Clifford, at Reply

    I just love these dresses she makes for gypsy women…I am so jealous sometimes I wish I was gypsy just so I could dress like they do and have those dresses!!! Very beautiful

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      You don’t have to be a gypsy to wear my clothes. I design for everyone. Check out my website:

  28. Posted by Catherine Gatlin, at Reply

    Very lovely necklace

  29. Posted by cassifrfench, at Reply

    I love the show so much. Me & my two daughters watch it everytime it is on

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Thanks for watching! :)

  30. Posted by Cynthia Gossin, at Reply

    Love your bling!!

  31. Posted by Stephanie Davis, at Reply

    You and your staff work wonders. Your gypsy creations are absolutely stunning!

  32. Posted by Tammy Calvert, at Reply

    i love every dress that you have made !!! beautiful with details one of a kind and to die for dresses !!! my daughter and i will deff be headed your way ! :) we are true big fans

  33. Posted by MARISA KONO, at Reply

    Love all your dresses! They are such fabulous creations!

  34. Posted by Roxann Labra, at Reply

    Just love the dresses you design on TLC…

  35. Posted by Kimberly, at Reply

    I LOVE Sandra Celli….she is the QUEEN OF BLING!!!

  36. Posted by Krystal Mallette, at Reply

    I love this necklace! Absolutely stunning!

  37. Posted by Ali Pagano, at Reply

    I may not be a gypsy but I love the bling! Sondra will definitely be making my dress when the time comes

  38. Posted by Laura Meeluksana, at Reply

    I love Sondra Celli’s work,she is the Qween of Bling Designers of all times.I wish I could have the honor of meeting her in person .

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Thanks for being a fan. You can certainly stop by if you’re ever in the Boston area, just call first to make sure we’re open. :)

  39. Posted by Tracy Granskog, at Reply

    Love your designs!!!Have a question to ask seeings how you are THE BLING QUEEN of the WORLD…..what glue do you use to put all those crystals on those stunning dresses????

  40. Posted by Tammy Sanger, at Reply

    I would love to come work with you!

  41. Posted by Mica cr, at Reply

    This is soooooo beautiful!!!

  42. Posted by Linh, at Reply

    I am such a fan of your work! One day when I get marry I will definitely be wearing a wedding gown from you

  43. Posted by Kimberly, at Reply

    Love watching the show – just to see the dresses!!!

  44. Posted by Sharon Kahn-Miller, at Reply

    I love watching you design and sew these amazing dresses. I was a psychologist for many years and at 45 decided to learn to sew because you make such fun and joyful dresses. Thanks for the inspiration!

  45. Posted by Karen Marie Walker, at Reply

    Your couture is truly Divalicious of chocolate diva such as my self. Love you lots

  46. Posted by Lindsay Lubrano, at Reply

    You make every girls fantasy come true, no matter of size or design, you make it happen.
    You r an inspiration, your designs are out of this world. Plus all this fame seems it has not gotten to your head.
    God bless

  47. Posted by Jennifer Gonzalez, at Reply

    I love your designs and you truly have the gift of bling. If I could bling everything I would.. Love your skills and talent.

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      You can never have too much BLING! :)

  48. Posted by Morgan Oates, at Reply

    You are best-dressed design therefore the gypsies

  49. Posted by Brandy White, at Reply

    I love the work you do and all the beautiful clothes you make on My big fat Gypsy Wedding.

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      Brandy, thanks for writing. I love my job because I have so much creative freedom.

  50. Posted by Laura Hamilton, at Reply

    I would love to win this for my daughter to wear when she gets married!

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      Well, good luck! Contest ends May 23, at midnight (ET)

  51. Posted by Shalandria lewis, at Reply

    I love your shows. I wish I was a gypsey. I want to wear some of the dresses you make. I have my girls sitting down with me to watch your shows.

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      Thanks for watching and for being fans!

  52. Posted by jamie, at Reply

    That is so beautiful

  53. Posted by Barb, at Reply

    your dresses are probably the most amazing things I’ve ever seen if I could just put one on for one day I would feel like a princess

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      Barb, Thanks for the compliment!

  54. Posted by annemarie slymock, at Reply

    I love your work.

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      Thanks for being a fan!

  55. Posted by annemarie slymock, at Reply

    Don’t change a thing. Your work is beautiful

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      Thank you!

  56. Posted by Barbara Mis-Erdos, at Reply

    I am amazed by your work at the age of 18 I opened a bridal shoppe with my mom, it was wonderful to work with my mom. I decided to become a nurse 10 years later found it less stressful than dealing with brides! You have my respect & admiration ! Peace, B.

  57. Posted by Nancy L Schneider, at Reply

    I cannot wait to see all the masks you have designed for the ball. I have always dreamed of having a blinged out cat mask. I do volunteer animal welfare support and could wear this at some of our “formal events”. I’m older but still have bling ambitions!

  58. Posted by Suzanne Hendrick, at Reply

    I’m entering this for my grand daughter mizzella Stanley she is from the Stanley family in upstate ny and truely your biggest fan she never misses the show so she can see your dress and acc Her dream is to visit your shop and to some day were one of your designs thank you mizes Meme

  59. Posted by jamee snyder, at Reply

    if I win that would be awesome because I want to have her make my dress when I get married

  60. Posted by Monalisa Tafoya, at Reply

    Planing my 10yr wedding anniversary with my husband , our first wedding was small, Ns not all our family members was in attendants , so now we want a the big wedding we both deserve. It’s also. Celebration if life, an beating cancer.

  61. Posted by Alexandra, at Reply

    Oh my god, Sondra, oh my god. You’re work is always AMAZING! I keep telling my husband that one day, I WILL own one of your masterpieces. You are more than a fashion designer, you are an artist!

  62. Posted by Samantha, at Reply

    Your designs are amazing and you really put your heart and soul into making these beautiful dresses! I get excited for every reveal on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding! I live in western MA, I’m hoping to come visit your shop someday! Any girl would be lucky to wear a Sondra Celli original!

  63. Posted by Paige Espinoza, at Reply

    I love that you make people’s dreams come true!!

  64. Posted by Kathryn Wienandt, at Reply

    Being a new first time grandmother I need all the BLING! I can get in my life..your never too old for a bit of bling to make you feel awesome on your worst day! Thank you for all you do for so many to bring light into our lives! Maybe some wings for you?

  65. Posted by verna brown, at Reply

    I have watched the show since day 1, your designs are works of art. Although I
    I’m not a gypsy I saw several dresses I would love to own.

  66. Posted by verna brown, at Reply

    I love the show, your dresses are works of art.

  67. Posted by Leyla Holman, at Reply

    Your designs are amazing! I love all your work …

  68. Posted by cynthia gomez, at Reply

    can you make me a party dress but pink sparkly with butterflys i am from los fresnos tx please

  69. Posted by Molly HICKMAN, at Reply


  70. Posted by Dianna Broussard, at Reply

    Ya’ll are so talented!

  71. Posted by Eunice Davison, at Reply

    I would love to win this one on a kind necklace to add to my sisters beatifull wedding dress. Bling it on!

  72. Posted by Gloria Osborn, at Reply

    I am always so impressed by all I see that you accomplish that I had to look you up today. I am intrigued by the bling and love all the designs. It seems each season it gets better and better. I know who will be called on to help out my grand daughter and daughters weddings.

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Gloria, Thank you! When the time comes, I’d love to design for your family. You can see more on my website:

  73. Posted by Kathryn Lawrence, at Reply

    Sondra You create the most amazing wedding dresses on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. I love watching you on the show!

  74. Posted by Sandy Brandt, at Reply

    I would wear this to church constantly. It is breathtaking just like your gowns. I’m from Mexican background and love the gowns on the show. I love the bling and the thight thight boom dresses. You are so talented. I would like to know the prices of the gowns.

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Sandy, Prices vary based on design, materials used, and amount of bling. Check out my website: for more info.

  75. Posted by nicole yazzie, at Reply

    I would love to wear this necklace on my wedding day.i love the bling :)

  76. Posted by Alma Martinez, at Reply

    I love everything you do! Its always different everytime..

  77. Posted by Jasmine Zarate, at Reply

    Bling is the the thing that keeps me going in life..

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      I couldn’t agree more! :)

  78. Posted by Diana C., at Reply

    I want to get married again so I can have you create a stunning gown for me :-) Your designs are phenomenal!!!!

  79. Posted by Belinda, at Reply

    your the Best <3 <3

  80. Posted by Rachel, at Reply

    I happen to think Saundra CELLIE is a great dress and necklace maker and I hope when I get married some day Saundra CELLIE makes my dress and necklace you rock Saundra.

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Thanks, Rachel!

  81. Posted by Teessa Carter, at Reply

    Sondra Celli; Your talent shines. :*

  82. Posted by Teessa Carter, at Reply

    Sondra Cello ; Your talent shines. :*

  83. Posted by cielo, at Reply

    I love your dresses and all the bling and love to watch the show my big fat American gypsie wedding wish i had the money to get married in one of those big beautiful dresses of yours, maybe i should marry a gypsie

  84. Posted by Tracey, at Reply

    If I ever meet a man and decide to get married…I am so contacting Sondra. I figure that 3rd time is a charm so why not sparkle and be blinged from head to toe right? I may be “mature” but I sure as heck love to shine. :)

  85. Posted by Christy Broome-Hunt, at Reply

    Gypsy at heart… Sondra Celli is the Bling Dream Maker!!!

  86. Posted by Felicity Ellis, at Reply

    I love your dress designs, I definitely plan on having you design my wedding gown! You are an amazing creative woman that’s why my fiancé also want me to see if you can design for my bridal party.

  87. Posted by Madison Sherrod, at Reply

    I love it!

  88. Posted by Susan, at Reply

    I love bling

  89. Posted by Iris, at Reply

    Sondra you are a fabric Picasso
    The colors and designs remind of a master baker doing his best pieces… Willie wonka of creativity. Absolutely out of this planet all the dresses from young to old. Men and women. Great job!!!

  90. Posted by Sylvia Rangel, at Reply

    Sondra My name is Sylvia i am 50 years young and i have blinged for years everything that bling would stick to and everyone useto laff at me but ive done some gorgouse things i wish i had your life good luck in your feuture HAPPY BLINGING

  91. Posted by Crystal, at Reply

    Sondra, I love your designs. I currently make jewelry, trying to get more
    I have envied your unique designs from the first gypsy show till now. you are very creative and it shows in your complicated deigns. I would love to see more of gypsy dresses online. though.
    Cannot wait to see more. keep up the wonderful work

  92. Posted by April Clark, at Reply


  93. Posted by Jamie, at Reply

    I love your dresses they are so beautiful. The amount of time that you have to make one and in the end it is a beautiful dress.

  94. Posted by aviana, at Reply

    this is amazing.

  95. Posted by Maria Knudsen, at Reply

    Wauhhhwwww i love it…

  96. Posted by Valeri Olson, at Reply

    Your dresses and designs are a work of art! Seeing the dresses and accessories inspire me to think about my wedding dress for when it is my day to get married, And three short dress.

  97. Posted by Guisselle montoya, at Reply

    Your dresses are gorgeous !!!!

  98. Posted by Katy, at Reply

    I love your dresses. I’m not a gypsy but I want to get my prom dress from you soooooo bad.

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Katy, I design for everyone. Check out:

  99. Posted by Esthefani Flores, at Reply

    Hey!! Sondra Celli
    Im a big fan of your beautiful dress,jewelry and everything. You design.<3 <3
    Hope to one day meet you in person!=)

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      I appreciate your note! :)

  100. Posted by tina sinclair, at Reply

    your designs and dresses are absalutlly stunning , you are credit to your industry, just wish I could of had a dresses designed by you when got married 20 years ago, keep up the brilliant work you do x

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Maybe you’ll need a blinged out dress when you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary!:)

  101. Posted by Estefany, at Reply

    I love how you use so many details in the dresses you make. Its so FABULOUS

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Estefany, Thanks for being a fan!

  102. Posted by kylie, at Reply

    Sondra Celli I am not a gypsy but I hope I will be getting my wedding dress and some other dresses from you I think what you and your team do is amazing … I am in a group and we have to where formals and if I get to the top of the group I will be needing a big hot pink dress . So I hope one day I will coming in or I will be giving you a call … It will not be for a couple of years but you will hear from me … :) :)

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      I’ll be waiting! :)

  103. Posted by Jiovanni, at Reply

    Your designs are amaIng they are just a true work of art I can’t wait until I get married and I am only 12 but still I want you to make my dress you are just amazing

  104. Posted by Jiovanni, at Reply

    You are amazing and so is everything you make I want you to make my dress for sure I can’t wait until I am married

  105. Posted by Kaeley wolf, at Reply

    When I have my sweet 16 I will want you to do my dress for it

  106. Posted by carmen spano, at Reply

    Love all your work

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      Carmen, thanks for your note!

  107. Posted by Gayle Schaeffer, at Reply

    My favorite part of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is seeing your shop and the making if the dresses. I own a quilting business and love shows about sewing. I would love to see your shop.

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      It’s a small shop but we manage. Thanks for watching!

  108. Posted by Sandra, at Reply

    I live in New Orleans, and you know we love BLING !!!!! We have all kinds of balls here. I love your creations. from head to toe. BLING ON !!!!

    • Posted by Sondra, at Reply

      New Orleans can surely bring on the bling! Thanks for being a fan!